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Social Sculpture Ramblings

For my birthday I was given a book; Simon Schama's The Power of Art (2009). What was interesting to me was how the French painter Jacques-Louis David painted That Picture of the murdered Marat in his bath (1793), but also creating the many huge revolutionary festivals and was part of the Committee of General Security which sent hundreds to the guillotined.

Fellow Thermal Shock member Bill Jeffery returned a copy of the NCECA (USA National Council on Education of the Ceramic Arts) 2009 Journal to me today. In an article titled Revisiting Basics to Behives: Three approaches to Social Engaged Arts Practice. Joshua Green summarises discussions on Artists as Social Activists. He claims the "Basics to Beehives" title was inspired by the work of Rudolf Steiner influenced German Artist Joseph Beuys.

Joseph Beuys was an ex-Hitler Youth, who creating an "Art" manifesto which became a "fundamental document for the [German] Green Party in the 1977's.

In a str…

300 decision makers define what is "good" Art

In political debate there is little discussion of how the political candidates are nominated. Who picks the candidates? No seriously, who picks the candidates that are supported by the major parties? Without this support, anyone who enters politics is only a "want-a-be". Someone with litle social-political resources.

For example, we have seen many candidates for US (and in Australia and New Zealand) elections who have burnt vast fortunes trying to buy their way into office. But money will only get you some way through the process.
So too in the Arts....
Who are the judges?
Who picks the judges?
You don't want someone who will make unpopular decisions. There has to some be recognition of the pecking order. Look closely at your local established Art or Craft Association Exhibition or Competition. Prizes go the the established members, oh, and an encouragment prize to the ocassional young one or beginner, just so they don't leave the association or critise the …

The Unofficial Arts Grants Handbook

A few weeks ago I took time out from my regular weekly commitments to attend a forum on the the political necessity of Grants for the Art, organised by The Bureau of Ideas.

Organised by Marie Bonnal (Fiction and art writer, artist, art event co-ordinator), and Julian Goddard (Academic and gallerist).
speakers included

SHELAG MAGADZA, Artistic Director, Perth International Art Festival

JOHN HYDE, MLA, Shadow Minister for Culture and the Arts

JULIAN GODDARD, Head of Department of Art, School of Design and Art, Curtin University.

The objective was to discuss and debate "Why do governments fund art?

The most significant shift in Australian art of the past 40 years has been the massive government investment in the Arts, yet there is little debate as to why this has happened and what are the consequences of such an intervention. This forum will look at the rationale behind state funding of the arts and question the outcomes of this involvement."

Government funding / grants…

Papercrete and Paper adobe

At the Gymea Tafe (Sydney, Australia) workshop I challenged the students to look at how much clay
work they really needed to fire.
Particularly since around 80% of what they make is destined to the rubbish tip,
or never contain food or liquids, or ever to go outside.
This is the unfired clay sculpture option.
This opens up the choice to recycle the clay at a later date, when
a better form is mastered, or for alterations to be made to it a
month, a year later.
Anyway, one student (June Martin) has emailed me a great
website which documents making Papercrete and also mentions
Paper adobe. has
all the details on building houses out of the stuff

Cassius Clay Paperclay

Check out the increasing active Yahoo Paperclay discussion group. Set up in 2004.

Discussions on adding food and other things to paperclay at Cassius Clay Paperclay discussions.
I've finally found the excuse for time on Facebook! A short Slideshow

2010 International paperclay conference

Keep an eye on for updating information on Paperclay Today, an international paper clay conference in early 2010.

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14 September 2008

Babysitting a solo exhibition I meet so many interesting people and have some great conversations: From growing fashion from Fungi and bateria (Google Donna Franklin), to being directed to (Robert Lang's talk on New Origami" on TED, a website dedicated to the best minds and ideas...check it out.

6 February 2008
Wow! It has been a looong time since I've found the time to write here.
Another example is that only yesterday I finally used a book voucher, given to me over four months ago, to finally buy a book!
While last year was busy, the first 1/4 of this year looks even more so. However, I'm enjoying the book From Nature to Form by Rene Binet. This continues on from my previous purchase Art Forms in Nature by Ernst Haeckel (1904 edition reproduced in 1998, 2004).
Binet was an architect and successful painter, and Haeckel was a biologist, an advocacy of evolution, developer of a classifica…