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14 September 2008

Babysitting a solo exhibition I meet so many interesting people and have some great conversations: From growing fashion from Fungi and bateria (Google Donna Franklin), to being directed to (Robert Lang's talk on New Origami" on TED, a website dedicated to the best minds and ideas...check it out.

6 February 2008
Wow! It has been a looong time since I've found the time to write here.
Another example is that only yesterday I finally used a book voucher, given to me over four months ago, to finally buy a book!
While last year was busy, the first 1/4 of this year looks even more so. However, I'm enjoying the book From Nature to Form by Rene Binet. This continues on from my previous purchase Art Forms in Nature by Ernst Haeckel (1904 edition reproduced in 1998, 2004).
Binet was an architect and successful painter, and Haeckel was a biologist, an advocacy of evolution, developer of a classifica…