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Papercrete and Paper adobe

At the Gymea Tafe (Sydney, Australia) workshop I challenged the students to look at how much clay
work they really needed to fire.
Particularly since around 80% of what they make is destined to the rubbish tip,
or never contain food or liquids, or ever to go outside.
This is the unfired clay sculpture option.
This opens up the choice to recycle the clay at a later date, when
a better form is mastered, or for alterations to be made to it a
month, a year later.
Anyway, one student (June Martin) has emailed me a great
website which documents making Papercrete and also mentions
Paper adobe. has
all the details on building houses out of the stuff

Cassius Clay Paperclay

Check out the increasing active Yahoo Paperclay discussion group. Set up in 2004.

Discussions on adding food and other things to paperclay at Cassius Clay Paperclay discussions.
I've finally found the excuse for time on Facebook! A short Slideshow

2010 International paperclay conference

Keep an eye on for updating information on Paperclay Today, an international paper clay conference in early 2010.