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Money for nothing, and the chicks for free.... huh?

I was amazed to see that on my computer I have over 10,000 contacts in the Visual Arts.

So when changing over to a new contact managing software, how do I decide whom to keep, and whom to delete?

The WA Grant recipient list is an interesting social and cultural map.

It might provide some indicator of artists who are very "serious about their art".

Anyone who has gone through the hours of writing an application and the report afterwards will know what I mean.

You have to be serious to both do the paper work, and to be given the grant. The grant system is a competitive system, officially based upon the quality of the images and art, plus the documentation you provide must indicate a commitment to art and originality of ideas.

So, who are they, these serious people?

Guy Ben-Ary
Cecile Williams
Clare Davies
David Turley
Jillian Kempson
Jurek Wybraniec
Lynnette Voevodin
Maria Madeira
Nalda Searles
Pamela Gaunt
Patrizia Tonello
Penelope Forlano
Ryan Caitlin
Thomas Edward Heidt
Trevor Richards