A picture is never just a picture?

I've been trying to represent social structure/organisation in 3D (Sublime Sculpture?).    

A parallel challenges faces painters representing their personal concerns, through painting.  

Rather than a pictorial record of something seen, the painted representation is often a proxy for what the image symbolises to the artist.  

It is an attempt to represent what cannot be illustrated.  

How can we paint "love", "nostalgia", "desire", "angst " and so on?  

Instead artists paint a loved one, old things, a nude, or other subject matter.

So too in sculpture and in ceramics, there are subject matter that is traditionally used, instead of making something which cannot be seen or illustrated. 

This is the essential problem with representation in the arts.

I'm currently reading a book that explores this problem which both the arts and sciences (yes, them too)  face.

 "Six Stories from the End of Representation" is by James Elkins.  

What is commendable in this book is it's surprisingly clear and concise analysis of this problem.  

These are two properties not normally found in discussions or texts on this subject. 

 I'm enjoying the read....


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