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If I'm not an Artist, what am I?

Are you like me?

Think the definition "Artist" or "Craft person"

 too limiting a description of what you do?

Apart from creating/making stuff,

do you do a whole lot more?

CCUK came up with a mouthful of a label,

but despite this,

fits better than most labels.

So for now, I'm a "portfolio working maker"!

Avoid all the academic speech and skip to page  12 in their report at

See if they have anything in common with you.

These people "work", play and study across a mix of paid and unpaid, recreational and professional activities in art, craft, science, tech, business, management, medical, educators, researchers,  social workers, writers, performers, directors.....

When I start looking around me, not only are many of my peers, but many of my studio students are living, or starting to live this kind of life...

Is this a trend?

(image source: http://www.squidoo…