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Counting sheep woke me up

Adding another thought to the tangle...
This is what kept me awake tonight.

Over the last decade my website has grown from a simple depository of records of sculptures, articles on paper clay and paper sculpture, and a record of gatherings in numerous countries of paper clay pioneers.

This has slowly grown to over 160 pages, 1200 images and probably over 100,000 words.

The studio website (and other websites) has also slowly grown to over 60 pages and 400 images of art, exhibitions, media releases and catalogues.

Like a gardener in a "digital garden" I spend a little bit of time now and then, just a few minutes, each day or week, on it.

But these few minutes now and then, have compounded up over a decade to a huge amount of time.

It is a quiet and reflective activity.

No-one disturbs, or comments as I wander about doing this, checking, trimming, adding, and updating.

The annual online visitor numbers are staggering: 100,000 website visitors (or 1.1 million hits),