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Are great artists - just jet lagged performing artists?

I started this blog posting nearly a month ago, but need the time to let my thoughts settle:

Are great artists -  just jet lagged performing artists?

I'm afraid to count how many air flights I have made to teach, speak and exhibit.

So I'll count.

On my website I counted over 30 trips to speak at interstate and overseas conferences, symposia and workshops.  Fortunately most of the 16 interstate and overseas exhibition openings I attended also were also at the same time.

The start of all this thinking and counting, was coming down with a flu after my last trip.

My illness was the side product of an intense month of pre-trip making, family events, nerves,  jet lag at both ends, and the usual stress of constantly performing at a high level, in a strange environment in front of strangers.

Anyway, I begun to question why I keep putting myself through this experience.

To be honest with myself, there is ego reasons for accepting invitations to demonstrate or speak in front of a lot …

Will 3D printing become a Dodo?

Computer Art went the way of the Dodo. Will 3D printed Art follow? 

The best view in Perth and iced coffee (with ice cream of course), used by the author to untangle the 3D puzzle.

According to Grant D. Taylor in The Machine that Made Science Art: The troubled History of Computer Art 1963-1989 (2004 UWA PhD Philosophy Thesis), computer art quickly became marginalised.  Digital art, its younger nephew, was able to upstage it and has go on to become hip and trending with the art crowd. And still is, sort of.

What's this got to do with 3D ceramic printing?

I'm not exactly sure, but bear with me while I untangle my thinking...

In ceramics, over the last few 40,000 years we've seen it all before.

Take the wheel. Despite small pockets of resistant fighters, studio neo-throwers (neo-romantic throwers?), most ceramic factories completely mechanised the manufacturing of table wear, decades ago.  Human throwers in ceramic factories went the way of the Dodo.  Extinct. Gone to meet th…