Draft posting . . . . Ceramic Multiples (I'm still adding bits to it :))

Ceramic Multiples

What's going on?

Is it me, or is everyone now making ceramic works out of multiple clay parts?

I look for what interests me.

Our obsessions lead us to look for, and see, what is inside ourselves.

Eventually we see only what interests us.

Or, am I part of a universal trend?

Or was it always there, and is't just another digital revolution revelation?

Historically pottery production has always been about manufacturing dozens, or even hundreds of identical parts.

With economic collapse of ceramic production in Australia, and i many other developed countries, it has begun to  embrace the art community, and vice versa.   But history and production techniques have a strong and lasting influence...

I'll start a visual collection in support of this hypothesis at http://www.pinterest.com/grahamhayart/ceramic-multiples//

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