Hot tip for aspiring artists.

Thermal Shock Artists Group in the dim dark past.

Over the last dozen months,  I and a group of other artists, have been digging out

old newspaper articles and images from when we first started exhibiting together at art school

and for a dozen years after.

This nostalgic action is also a gesture,  a hope that it might give emerging artists ideas/tips.

When we started out I created webpages for the events.

These were then taken down again after the event.

So it's now easy to upload them to thermal shockers webpages

Hope these give you some ideas, inspiration.

1) If you're looking, and found this blog entry then you're on the right track.

2) Find others and stick together as long as you can.

3) Plan an exhibition, share the load organising it, support, criticise and encourage each other.

The rest will come from just simply doing this.

I wish you all the best!


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