Making spaces for Art

As a critic once wrote:

"... artists gotta to make art ... '

But where?

A few months ago I reached out to Maria Miranda, who is writing a PhD on artist's spaces

Really I can't recommend enough, that you read her blog

She has been uncovering all sorts of nocks and crannies where real art is been made around Australia.

I recommend you start at her earlier blog entries and work forward.

Maria also alerted me to the local  Paper Mountain's forthcoming second exhibition and forum on Artist-Run Initiatives (ARI), this time with a national focus. Unfortunately both their events look to be too narrow in focus: perhaps as would be expected for such a young organisation, focusing only on it's immediate (chronological and geographic) peers.

I know of at least half a dozen other local collective ARI and Artist Run Spaces (ARS)  which are missing from their list.

ARI is a new slogan and label for those artists studios with a government grant seeking agenda.

This may not have been their initial intention.

But if art projects are poorly planned and budgeted, then they quickly lead to incorporation (see advise at, elections, agenda and minutes taking, so they can then access government grants to bankroll their ambitions.  Not surprising Paper Mountain staff are feeling this pressure and have just released fundraising t-shirts with the logo: "Make Art Not Admin?".

I hope it's not too late for them to learn that artists studios work best on the KISS principal and it's always best to be inclusive, rather than exclusive within the arts community.

Let's hope Paper Mountain can pull themselves together, because their heart is in the right place.

So, let's go read Maria's blog: and
and learn about other long lived, quirky and fun artists studios and galleries.


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