No storm in a tea cup?

An image of my ceramic sculpture on a  cup.

Am I a Mug?

Above is an image of my ceramic porcelain sculpture on a tall cup.

Bought for less than the price of the clay, glaze and firing, from my redbubble  folio.

Laughing our heads off, in the studio this afternoon: the very idea of my artworks printed out on leggings, bed coverings ... 

On a more serious note, is printing images of my porcelain artwork onto mass produced porcelain cups a capital offence in the ceramics community?

Post modern example?

Alternatively, ridiculing  "CONCEPTUAL ART".

Or just the reality of what has happened to ceramics in Western Australia over the last couple of decades.  Is ceramics an economically obsolete craft form in Western Australia?

What do you think? Scandal?


Or don't care, just want to go buy your own Graham Hay Mug?*

*Note, just before buying you get to chose between the tea cup and mug


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