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Innovative, Avant-Garde, Experimental Artist or just another hair-brain ideas?

There is a lot of myths and quicksand around these terms, particularly in the arts.

Maybe my fumblings here will trigger your own insights?

Back in 2000, in her book Paperclay and other clay additivesAnne Lightwood stated

It is hard to describe the work that he makes.  It is totally original, fitting into no known category and not seeming to come from any recognisable ceramic tradition, but rather to derive from the way in which animal structures are built.  It includes elements which appear to be taken from partly eroded anthills, or coral reefs, or papery wasps' nests chewed from old wood, which look delicate but are actually very strong.
To a northern Scot such as I am, his work seems to epitomise the land from which it comes: an alien continent in a different hemisphere, full of heat and light, space and sudden flashes of intense colour.  (emphasis added) Lightwood 2000
These comments still surprised me many years later, after all I had studied ceramics at high school, three y…