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Feelings of both disquiet and gratefulness

Awaking in the middle of the night, I revisited yesterday's feelings of both disquiet and gratefulness.

The former occurred will listening to an artist's talk by Shaun Gladwell at the John Curtin Gallery, and the latter after a coffee with Creative Kids Art Club  Director Jane McKay.

Initially I struggled to become engaged with, and stay awake during Gladwell's talk.  His Self Portrait Spinning and Falling (Paris) (2015), had him spinning on a skateboard in from of his favourite Paris locations.  Having worked with young skateboarders back in 2002 to create skate able sculptures of the City of Vincent (1), neither his ability nor the slow-motion video held any particular significance for me.   Youtube and other social media are full of the physical exploits of people on skateboards and bikes. in some ways the presentation by Gladwell to an audience of less than 20 people, and described by Curator Margaret Moore in her introduction as "mostly friends of the artist"…