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Disaster, disaster Will Robinson...

Perhaps a little atypical is the high incident of studio disasters I have.

Those clay studios making multiples probably have their fair share of breaks, tears and collapses, during their design development.

For some strange reason I seem to be stuck in this stage, of just losing most of my works at the making, firing and post firing stage, for years and now decades.

Over ambitious?


Slow learner?


I was always seen by others as stubborn.

Using the wrong medium?


I love the fact I'm working with a very fragile medium.  Everyone knows it can break easily, particularly when I keep making thinner and thinner, taller and taller works!

After yet another disaster today I was rethinking why I don't make these structures in steel.

The reality is I like the delicateness of the work.  The danger of it collapsing during the build and then the likelihood of it breaking at any time.

Obviously I'm limiting my consumer audience  to those who have an "art safe" h…