A Winter Morning in the Studio

Unpacking the class set of 3D pens.

Early Sunday mornings will find me cycling to, and making, in the studio.

The phone doesn't ring, and I have the place to myself.

Today was particularly productive and enjoyable.

With a kiln full of porcelain paper clay firing out the back, the pressure was now off for a few days.

Ideas for my demonstration at the US warm up Throw down) for the Symposium in just a months time, came rapidly and fluidly.

The winter sun shone in through the window, as I looked out at the green park around the studio.

Munching home made cake from the Friday class, I checked the size restrictions on the Argentinean exhibition, and dashed off an email seeking a variation of conditions (assuming the currently firing is successful, and the assemble work, works).

Student works demanded my attention, so I carried their work around to the kiln room.  I loaded up the kiln, did some quick calculations, then left it ready for me to plug into the computer after the other firing finishes, probably on late Monday.

I then checked the conditions for a Japanese exhibition, and then reviewed a short Instagram movie of a prototype I had made in the residency at Perth College.  Based on this and ideas floating around me for the last week, I jotted down some notes and made a quick drawing for my next version of the spiral.

A quick phone call to organise a walk later this morning, I now had time to unpack 5 boxes that had been sitting unopened in the studio for the last week.  These were a class set of 3Doodlers for an upcoming workshop.  I bought my first 3Doodler on Kickstart back in early 2013.  It was unproven technology, and I gambled a hundred bucks on the guys who developed it in a shed.

I first blogged a comparison between the 3D printer I had been hacking and the 3Doodler 3D printing pen in December 2013.  The 3D pen was a 3D printing head redesigned as a pen you drew in the air.  No computer coding, or computer needed, and so much fun.

Unpacking a set of the second edition of the pen was a bit like Christmas.  All shiny and new and plug and play.

Alas, time ran out, so I packed it all away again, except for one pen and material I left out on the desk ready for early Monday morning.

A quick photo to try to capture the morning.

Then climb on the bike, and back up the hill in the sunlight...


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