How did you start?

A vase made in 1989, that gained my entry into ECU. 
Its been a busy week for self reflection: Or at least to think about how others see me:

On Sunday my hands were filmed, as well as various other hands making or doing things, for a demo advertisement. Nearly a dozen people crowded in the studio for 2 seconds of final film. Long story.

Today I was interviewed, for online content to assist arts students and emerging artists.  I took the time to try and write out my answers beforehand, to clarify my thinking.

Question 1: What started your passion for art?

I grew up on a farm playing creatively with my 5 siblings and occasional visits from numerous cousin, in the creeks, small forests, hay shed, workshop and a rambling 23 room homestead.  At school art was the only subject that allowed a similar playful experimentation.  This became more important at high school, and the art department became a sanction during a traumatic time in boarding school.  To my knowledge I was the only person to take art as a first and second option in lower high school (never sure if my parents were aware this happened!).

However, in the last few years at school, I got the clear message that you can’t make a living from art, so did not take it in my final year.  However I did return to art after that, training as an art specialist at Teachers Collage, and at one stage lived across the road from the ceramic studio, with after hours access.  When I arrived in WA I continued to make and draw, attending community ceramics classes at Applecross and Perth Modern.

It was not until 1990, while travelling through US and Europe that I meet clay artists who survived full time from their making.  This inspiring me to make the decision to become a ceramic artist in late 1991, regardless of getting into a tertiary course (which I eventually did).

What started your own passion for art?


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