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2019 Venice Biennale: Transparency does not make a bigger eye of a needle.

Great stuff Mr Kelly! 
As the 2017 Biennale draws to a close,  it is delightful reading this article, and the resulting debate below the article, and then realising how the recommendations there became fact.   
It seems the small decision making clique were very thin skinned to the criticism and quickly appointed the recommended artist, for all the reasons given.
The October 2017 decision by the Australia Council to move to greater transparency (and not consult Simon Mordant and others), may be due to criticism outlined here by  Kelly et al.,  or to follow the international trend towards more transparency (, or simply because the Venice Biennale itself asked them to do it (Matthew Westwood, Doors of Pavilion opened to all, The Weekend Australian newspaper, October 28-29 2017, The Nation 3).
But the problem is not uniqu…