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A cautionary tale to art administrators

If you ever employ or recommend to be employed, for give a grant to friends who are artists you might like to read this.

The internet has made your life and job a lot more transparent.

Even the most experienced Perth art administrators are making this mistake.

I just thought of this when I noticed the organiser of a series of talks was regularly employing their university class mate.

So I just put both their names in separate sets of quote marks into eg "Art Adminstrator name" "Artist name" together into Google.

Guess what?

6 pages of 59 results in 0.19 seconds.

Including the fact that they went to the same university art school, in the same year. And that they exhibited regularly over the last two decades.

Please be careful! Be objective, not subjective in your sections of who you promote.

3D Printing

I was researching a 2008 ABC TV program about 3D printing for two Italian ceramic artists, and found some really interesting things about 3D printing:

Then I've thought up with a few variations for the ceramics profession.

Why? As a ceramic artist I am part of the small manufacturing sector, which has a bias towards the hand or simple machined (we call it a wheel or slipcasting) out of a plastic material called "clay". As you know I'm using a variation of this called paperclay/paper clay/pclay(TM).

These days, with a computer and a 3D printer, there is the technology to produce any "plastic" 3D object!

See it at

Don't have the US$15,000 for the printer?

For those without the small fortune need to buy one of these digital replicators visit to see how to build it yourself (video at for under AUS$1000!

What I'm now researching is, is it possible to print clay/pa…

Money for nothing, and the chicks for free.... huh?

I was amazed to see that on my computer I have over 10,000 contacts in the Visual Arts.

So when changing over to a new contact managing software, how do I decide whom to keep, and whom to delete?

The WA Grant recipient list is an interesting social and cultural map.

It might provide some indicator of artists who are very "serious about their art".

Anyone who has gone through the hours of writing an application and the report afterwards will know what I mean.

You have to be serious to both do the paper work, and to be given the grant. The grant system is a competitive system, officially based upon the quality of the images and art, plus the documentation you provide must indicate a commitment to art and originality of ideas.

So, who are they, these serious people?

Guy Ben-Ary
Cecile Williams
Clare Davies
David Turley
Jillian Kempson
Jurek Wybraniec
Lynnette Voevodin
Maria Madeira
Nalda Searles
Pamela Gaunt
Patrizia Tonello
Penelope Forlano
Ryan Caitlin
Thomas Edward Heidt
Trevor Richards

Buried under paper

Some wonder were my idea to carve sculptures from books comes from.

Why do I build huge sculptures from paper?

I have just sorted out my current pile of books and journals. I feel I never get through them, so let's separate and see what's in the read pile before I take them out... in no particular order...

Uniview Vol. 29 No. 1. Summer 2010, University of WA, Perth, Australia (3 times a year)

de Waal, E., (2003), 20th century ceramics, Thames & Hudson world of art, UK

Australian PC Authority, November 2009, Haymarket Media, Sydney (monthly)

Macworld Autumn 2009, IDG Communications, London, UK

University of Otago Magazine, Issue 24: October 2009, Dunedin, New Zealand

Australian Macworld Mac Basics 2, Niche Media Pty Ltd, South Melbourne, Australia

New Ceramics, The European Ceramics Magazin, March/April 2010, Hohr-Grenzhausen, Germany

iPhone Life, Summer 2009, Thaddeus Computing Inc, USA

Elkins, J.,(Ed) (2009) Artists with PhDs: On the New Doctoral Degree in Studio Art,…

1st US Paperclay Symposium

What's happening right NOW in Laguna Beach, LA, in the US: Paperclay Today Conference / ArtLad/Symposium.
See you there?