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Buried under paper

Some wonder were my idea to carve sculptures from books comes from.

Why do I build huge sculptures from paper?

I have just sorted out my current pile of books and journals. I feel I never get through them, so let's separate and see what's in the read pile before I take them out... in no particular order...

Uniview Vol. 29 No. 1. Summer 2010, University of WA, Perth, Australia (3 times a year)

de Waal, E., (2003), 20th century ceramics, Thames & Hudson world of art, UK

Australian PC Authority, November 2009, Haymarket Media, Sydney (monthly)

Macworld Autumn 2009, IDG Communications, London, UK

University of Otago Magazine, Issue 24: October 2009, Dunedin, New Zealand

Australian Macworld Mac Basics 2, Niche Media Pty Ltd, South Melbourne, Australia

New Ceramics, The European Ceramics Magazin, March/April 2010, Hohr-Grenzhausen, Germany

iPhone Life, Summer 2009, Thaddeus Computing Inc, USA

Elkins, J.,(Ed) (2009) Artists with PhDs: On the New Doctoral Degree in Studio Art,…