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Where do I put my images?

One of the interesting things about the internet is the multiple of channels for presenting art.

As a digital content producer, as opposed to a digital consumer, I spend a huge amount of time assessing, uploading, organising and linking image and text about my and others art.

The challenge is finding the best website or services which:

1) are visually pleasant (ie not cluttered with advertising)

2) easy to navigate (see all thumbnails, flick between larger images, dig down to descriptions, post comments etc)

3) are seen by the right audience (eg peers vs collectors vs art administrators vs publishers vs art loving public, prospective students vs current students vs friends).

As a guide of some of the possibilities out there I provide the following examples to you:

my website I used to put thumbnails, so those on dialup could quickly see all (small) images. Then as broadband rolled out I inserted larger images below with descriptions. Note how (usually) you could only see one large image…