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No artist is an island

One of my students texted me today, to congratulate me for my work appearing in an article "Ten of the Best" in The West Australian newspaper today.

In my reply I thanked her for bringing it to my attention.

I also thanked Cherie for her support over the years it took me to make it.

(Years before she had also helped me obtain the kiln in which most of the work was fired.)

I later clarified my thoughts in a conversation with fellow studio artist Carol Rowling.

This is a summary and expansion of that conversation.

While my motivation to create good art may contribute to this small success, is only part of the story.

Success never comes overnight. The ninety-nine percent perspiration, one percent luck rule also applies in the arts.

But this too, does not fully explain how I was able to dedicate two and a half years to making one, two piece artwork.

One of the reasons why people work together, in any organisation. and in my case the Robertson Park Artists Studio, is it makes…

Making spaces for Art

As a critic once wrote:

"... artists gotta to make art ... '

But where?

A few months ago I reached out to Maria Miranda, who is writing a PhD on artist's spaces

Really I can't recommend enough, that you read her blog

She has been uncovering all sorts of nocks and crannies where real art is been made around Australia.

I recommend you start at her earlier blog entries and work forward.

Maria also alerted me to the local  Paper Mountain's forthcoming second exhibition and forum on Artist-Run Initiatives (ARI), this time with a national focus. Unfortunately both their events look to be too narrow in focus: perhaps as would be expected for such a young organisation, focusing only on it's immediate (chronological and geographic) peers.

I know of at least half a dozen other local collective ARI and Artist Run Spaces (ARS)  which are missing from their list.

ARI is a new slogan and label for those artists studios with a government grant se…