Advise to Secondary School Arts Students

Hello Mr Hay!

My name is ............................. and I am a Art Specialist Student at ..................................  ...

I was wondering if it was alright to ask you a few questions in regards to my assignment to which I could not find the answers to online. Please do not feel obligated to answer in great detail, or even at all if you do not feel comfortable in doing so. 

Q1. What would you consider to be your art movement? From my knowledge it would be a sub movement of Contemporary Art.

Q2. Biographical information: What is your date of birth? (I’m sorry, I hope you don’t mind me asking) How do you think your family and home life have influenced what you do today?

Q3. What would you consider to be your 2 greatest artistic encouragements and/or influences?

Q4. As a paper clay artist what are your most commonly used/ required technical skills and do you feel this techniques echo your particular style?

Q5. What would you consider to be your top 2 proudest pieces that you’ve created?

I really admire your work Mr Hay and hope that one day I too can produce artwork to the standard that you have; an excellent goal to work towards for young inspiring artists like me. Also, if you find the time, could you please respond to this email by Thursday the 17th of September or even early Friday the 18th of September.

Thank you very much for your time and patience sir and your answers would be much appreciated J

Kind Regards, 


Email reply: 13 September 2015

Hello ............

Thank you for your detailed email listing all your assignment questions.

I draw your attention to my advise at 

"Secondary School Students - please read all linked articles at before emailing me your assignment questions. "

[there is]... hundreds of other students in dozens of other schools around the globe doing a similar assignment.

I hope you now understand  why I can’t physically answer every assignment question from every student (including yourself) that emails me.

So your job is to research further than just find my email address, and my job is to make art.

Sometimes you will find the answer quickly, sometimes you will not.  Then you will have to make an estimated or educated guess (and explain why and how you came to this conclusion in your assignment).

The result is that you will think more deeply about art, and ultimately become a better student and artist.

I wish you well in your research.

Kind regards



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