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"The sky is falling!" ...Henny Penny*

*The title of this post is tongue in cheek.

I started writing this blog after a 23 December 2015 C-File posted about a New York Times article:

"Why Handmade Ceramics Are White Hot" (DEC. 16, 2015)

The NYT article nominated a small group of "Hot" ceramicists.

I suspect that the  C-File editor, writers and some readers took exception with the NYT deciding which ceramic artists are "hot", because by implication, it might imply that  the C-File's own A list was not.

Perhaps a wider perspective will give a more balanced perspective.

One of the detailed explanations for this trend, was written up by Canadian MA student Mary Callahan Baumstark, before the trend spotting journalists at NYT, and Vogue.1

She also highlights its feminist ideological foundation, and the way social media has enable a small number of craftspeople to quickly surpass the localised popularity of the orthodox ceramic community's champions.

I suspect social media has enable the Mass In…