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Artist Report Card

My First Critic
I was searching for some bad poetry I had written a long time ago, and came across digital copies of my old school reports:

I was amused to read how some of my teachers had (perhaps too accurately) described me perfectly:

Though I would share, in the hope that it would both be insightful, and inspired you to do the same.

When I was 13:

Art Teacher:                    
A capable + conscientious worker who has settled down very well.
Form Teacher:                  
Doing very well.  
Very alert student.   Methodical in his own way.   Has a great deal of ability.  Keep it up.

The next year...

Art Teacher:                    
A first class effort.  
Graham has made excellent progress in this subject.
New Form Teacher:        
Generally, quiet satisfactory work.


Art Teacher:                    
Graham continues to work well in art.   A law unto himself at times.

... need I say more?

Poem about clay

Ok, this is a blast from the past.

I was required to bring along a poem one evening this week, and the pressure was on with a month's notice and reminders closer to the night.  So I dug deep into the digital files and filtered through dozens of bad poems I wrote a long time ago.

Yes, I know.

Here goes:

Squeeze, fondle bend and tease grasp and freeze tickle and please.
Wrinkle and lapping water steady patience, building mason mind and body, hands and kindness clay, the living flesh.
Season and steady brace and flow test and fire mind, body, expire love and laugh flow within, to the clay.
An expression often a suggestion a statement of directive but balanced and beautiful built into this a tangible relationship.
The pleasing of construction the delight of success the testing of flavour and the seasoning of despair teasing back for more to build harmony between man, water, clay and fire.
what do you think about…