The shortest Sydney Ceramics shopping list

On a recent quick trip to Sydney I tried to see and meet as many fellow "clayaholics".

By chance I managed to be in Sydney during the week of most of the post secondary exhibitions were on, so that both my spare days and evenings were clay-full.

The recommended first stop in Sydney is the Kerrie Lowe Gallery, 49–51 King Street, in Newtown.  Two reasons for this, first they exhibit in their "shop" a who's who of ceramics, with a very broad range of aesthetics.  Secondly, as Kerrie and Elizabeth also sell clay supplies, fellow artists tend to promote their exhibitions via them.  So they always know what's on around Sydney.

An alternative would be the Mansfield Gallery / Mansfield Ceramics, at L1, 99 Crown Street Darlinghurst.  Here they are a gallery, publish 3 international ceramic journals as well as organise the Clay Gulgong festival.

The highlight was the Northern Beaches TAFE  ceramics exhibition at the Brookvale, Opening on the evening of Wednesday 29 November.  Both the quality of the work and the sense of community (despite the no-show speaker) were outstanding.  Well done!


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