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Complexity is the new Black (in Ceramics)


Is it just me?

Or is there an accelerating number of potters and artists working in clay making physically more complex work?

I'm not talking complex surface decoration here. Yes, complex colour and surface pattern decoration has aways been a recurrent part of decoration on simple plate and vase forms.  Complex forms have been historically less common, as they can easily be chipped or broken.  Orthodox ceramics thinking was that pots had to be simple forms, so they could be very quickly made, and sold.  Our fragile financial  survival depended upon it (well, that didn't last long with cheap imports).  There are aesthetic reasons too:  during my 2D-centric art school training, work had to be "resolved" - that is distilled down to just the simple object or image.  Simplicity was very "French" (good).  Also, Pots had to to simple forms so they can be properly cleaned, for hygiene reasons.  Plus the quickest way to make ceramics is slip casting, very sim…